Manage everything from one place.


Create labels

Easily create labels in batches for all of your stores and all of your carriers. Whether you create one label at a time or a thousand, our state of the art software handles it with ease. Every time.

Valuable insights into all of your data

We like to keep things simple. We give you insights into all of your shipments, from every selling channel. Our powerful search engine and our predefined filters help you find what you need in no time.

Stay in control

Besides saving costs we find it just as important that you know exactly what costs you can expect. In the portal you can easily see what your shipping costs will be on your upcoming invoice. Besides that we also want to give you maximum flexibility in terms of when you pay your invoice. You can set this up in a number of ways: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or create an invoice manually whenever it suits you.

Hi there!

I hope you are just as excited about our upcoming launch as we are. We are not there yet, but we are getting really close. Leave your e-mail address and we will inform you once all lights go green.