The order is not the only thing that returns. The customers do too!

Boost customer retention

When returning goods is difficult, people are more likely to keep their unwanted product. It will save you the hassle of a return, but it will cost you a customer. What do you prefer?


Experiment with pricing has made it easy to experiment with various pricing for your returns. You can easily adjust the costs for returns in your return settings. It’s a great way to test what happens to your conversion rates and the number of returns when you lower your return rates (or start free returns). It will help you gain valuable insights without having to take any risks.

More convenience for your customers

With more than 7000 parcel shops in our network, there’s always a parcel shop nearby for your customers to return their parcels.

Whatever suits your business

You can easily integrate the return functionality in your tracking e-mails, with a return button on your website or custom build your own solution through our API.

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