A single source of truth

Analyse - Our analytics software helps you to improve operations by providing you with valuable insights on all aspects of your shipment and carrier data.

Use honest, data driven insights to drive business performance across all areas of your shipping profile.

Act, instead of react.

Discover the intricate dynamics of your business with our in-depth shipping analytics, presented in real time.

In the driver's seat

Easily evaluate shipping performance across multiple carriers, and get the insights you need for your carrier negotiations.

Helicopter view

Uncover growth opportunities with our quantitative analysis of your complete shipping profile.

Cross brands

Monitor your shipping data for your multiple brands and carriers from a single, intuitive dashboard.

Save valuable development time.

No more difficult calculations on terabytes of data. We do the heavy lifting and provide performance insights straight from our API.

GET /analytics/on-time-delivery/month 
  "data": {
    "unit_type": "percentage",
    "labels": [
      "March 2020",
      "April 2020",
      "May 2020"
    "datasets": [{
        "label": "Delivery < 2 days",
        "data": [
        "label": "Delivery < 1 day",
        "data": [

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