Our story

MyParcel.com enables enterprises to create seamless shipping experiences for their global customers with our Calculate, Validate, Track, Label, and Analyze solutions. Learn more about our journey....

Starting MyParcel.nl

Our beginning:

Our founders, brothers Niels and Lars started their previous venture - MyParcel.nl in 2007. They owned several online stores, but they experienced a lot of frustration in trying to ship their goods with the shipping technology provided by carriers. They went on to build their own software, gradually improving every aspect of the delivery process with their innovative technology; from labelling to tracking, their technology integrated well in both warehouse management systems and marketplace platforms.

Growing MyParcel.com

The next chapter:

Since 2016, the MyParcel.com team has been helping some of the biggest brands in the world scale into new markets and improve their user experience around delivery. But that's not how we started - our journey started all the way back in 2007.

Developing Innovative Software

Passion for performance:

As the business grew explosively, the real challenge became ensuring the highest uptimes and performance for the increasing load on our systems. We took everything we had learned from our experiences and this became the backbone for MyParcel.com today.

Providing solutions that work for you

Continuing our journey:

We’ve learned a lot along our journey and have translated our experience into five unique tools. Our solutions - Calculate, Validate, Label, Track and Analyse enable enterprise clients to scale faster, to easily enter into new markets and most of all - to create seamless shipping experiences for their global customers.

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