Fast, reliable and approved.

Label - Never worry about the layout of your shipping labels again with our carrier approved shipping labels.

Our Label solution enables you to optimise efficiency, whether you want to improve warehouse productivity, or offer return labels from your mobile app.


We independently produce carrier compliant shipping labels in any format, even when carrier API’s are down.


We constantly monitor our labelling performance, ensuring shipping labels are created within hundreds of ms.

Ever growing library

Utilize our experience in quickly integrating new and abstruse carriers into our growing carrier library.

Multiple formats

We provide PDF, ZPL and QR code (paperless printing) labels, in both A6 (4x6) and A4 formats.

Missing carrier?

Ask your carrier to add their services to our platform, via our Carrier Integration Programme. Or, ask to find out how we can integrate your carrier.

Label for Developers

It's really simple to generate a label via our API. Take a look at this example or request a Sandbox account - just to have a go yourself.

POST /shipments
    "data": {
      "type": "shipments",
      "attributes": {
        "physical_properties": {
          "weight": 2000
        "recipient_address": {
          "street_1": "12 Baker Street",
          "postal_code": "W1U 3BT",
          "city": "London",
          "region_code": "ENG",
          "country_code": "GB",
          "first_name": "John",
          "last_name": "Wick",

Carrier Integration Programme

Did you know that was the first in the industry to offer carriers the opportunity to add their services to our platform themselves? Our Carrier Integration Programme, allows developers to add new (and possibly abstruse) carriers to our library.

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