Shipping globally from anywhere in the world, made easy.

Scale globally with our shipping API

Create shipping labels

We’ve unified the countless ways shipping labels, statuses and delivery options are offered by carriers. All available through our state of the art API.

Access carriers globally

Gain access to our global network of carriers and shipping contracts, for cost-effective shipping from all over the world.

Gain delivery options

Offer local delivery options to customers all over the world, e.g. parcelshop deliveries.

White label our portal

Offer all of our portal (and plugin) functionality to your customer as if it were your own. Great for carriers, fulfillment centers, warehouses and more.

Let us help you with low shipping rates, free delivery software and free tools

Save money

We have negotiated the best shipping rates from the best carriers. For all your national shipments, but also when shipping to Belgium or Brazil.

Use our tools for free

Our shipping tools help you save time when creating shipping labels and our customer service tool helps you handle shipping related questions in no time. Read More

Your personal portal

The portal will give you access to all of the functionality and all of your shipments. Have your data accessible from anywhere and on any device. Read More

See why more than 16,000 businesses rely on our software every day.

Easy customer returns

We offer the lowest international return rates available, all thanks to our international presence and partners. Read More


  • Hermes
  • UPS
  • DPD


Supercharge your browser

Our Extensions for Chrome and Firefox will add a lot of great shipping shortcuts to your browser.

Want to create a shipping label right from your browser? Right-click, that’s it. Want to e-mail your customer a return label? Right-click, that’s it. But it can do much more. Curious? Send us an e-mail.

International address validation

Reduce the number of undelivered parcels drastically with our international address validation. It will also save you and your customer a lot of time. You only need to type the first few letters of the address and we will auto-complete it for you.

Branded customer communication

We offer simple tools to add your own branding to every touchpoint with your customer: tracking e-mails, labels, return portal, and pick-up point selection in checkout. Feature Roadmap

Oct 2016

- New multistore functionality
- Added domestic return solution


Nov 2016

- Added European return solution
- Launched Chrome and Firefox extension


Dec 2016

- Magento 2 integration
- Added Hermes and DPD as carriers


Jan 2017

- Added delivery options to WooCommerce integration
- Added UPS as carrier

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Get new features every month

We develop new features every month to help you (and the rest of our community) save more time.

Quotes from our customers

  • Miss Honeybird

    Their customer service is outstanding! They really take the time to help. With both my technical and shipping related questions.

  • Hot Stuff

    Their technology is best in class and cool new features roll out every month! I've created a great checkout with various delivery options such as collection at parcel shops, multiple carriers and the option to choose time and date of delivery. All through their API.

  • O My Bag has enabled me to offer a wide range of delivery options to our customers. Our conversion rates have improved significantly because of this. And the WooCommerce plugin was easy to integrate.

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