Creating a great shipping experience on eBay's marketplaces. has been working with eBay Classifieds since 2019. In this case study, Remmert Oosterling of eBay classifieds explains the partnership in more depth.

What was the problem that eBay encountered?

The question we asked ourselves was: How can we improve the shipping experience for our sellers and buyers without having to integrate with each carrier individually?

When we started back in 2018, we saw huge potential in offering transactional services around the trading that was done via our platform. After we successfully introduced payments, we looked into options to start to offer shipping. We quickly came to the conclusion we did not want to waste time reinventing the wheel and looked into options that would take care of carrier management.

The tender

What key elements did eBay look for?

During this tender we looked at Performance (uptimes, label generation speed, new technology, SLA’s), Flexibility, Scalability and Pricing.

After a thorough tendering process we decided was the best option.

What does the cooperation look like? tech and their tech support team are the most important benefits of working with It allows us to quickly introduce new shipping products and scale into new markets. Next to the tech, the company is able to move at the same pace that we do, allowing us to further increase our market leading position.


The solutions used (1/6)

To ensure the quality of shipping data within our platform, we validate all addresses in our marketplaces, using the address validation endpoints. This validation has reduced the amount of undeliverable and failed deliveries significantly which reduces the load on our customer service, providing happier transactions all around.


The solutions used (2/6) takes care of pre-advising shipments and the generation of labels in various formats (PDF and QR codes and approved by carriers), for a range of carriers in various countries.


The solutions used (3/6)

We receive webhooks from when certain shipment status events occur. We use these notifications to alert the buyer and seller on important milestones in delivery (parcel has been shipped, delivered) in both our mobile app and web app.


The solutions used (4/6) provides quarterly reports on the performance of the carriers so that we can make data driven decisions. We are also able to cross check carrier invoices with the help of the reports.

Carrier Management

The solutions used (5/6) is in direct contact with the carriers that we use; they make sure that the integrations are properly maintained and that new services offered by carriers are immediately available after release.

24/7 support

The solutions used (6/6) are available for support 24/7, to be able to solve any technical issues if they occur.

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