MyParcel.com has teamed up with one of the UK’s leading time-critical carriers, DPD.

Now you have access to DPD's specialist delivery network when using MyParcel.com

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DPD has some great perks for you

  • 32,000 European pick-up locations
  • 'In-flight 'delivery options with the DPD app
  • Full UK delivery coverage, including offshore and remote areas
  • Ship your parcels directly to shop
  • Track & trace facilities for all your shipments

These services are available to you.

  • Express, timed & weekend delivery services
  • Drop-off and Collection services for all of your shipments
  • SMS & Email updates for all of your deliveries
  • Electronic proof of delivery, as standard
  • Expresspak shipping services, under 5KG

Great discounts on shipping

With MyParcel.com you have access to fantastic shipping rates when shipping with DPD. What's more, our scalable solutions save you even more money on increasing volumes

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Comprehensive pricing, no matter the weight

From as little as £5.00 per shipment for a Next Day delivery service, you pay the same amount for your parcels ranging from 0.1kg to 31.5kg. Now there's no need to calculate the cost of different package weights - with MyParcel.com, preparing and sending your parcels has never been easier.

Electronic proof of delivery

DPD provides you with an electronic proof of delivery for all of your shipments, as standard. Now there's no need to search or request proof of delivery with access to electronic documents, proving the executed delivery service to the named address of delivery from the MyParcel.com portal in just a few clicks.

Your DPD app

The DPD tracking app allows your customers to manage their deliveries at the touch of a button. Your customers can choose how, when and where they will receive their parcels with a range of 'in-flight' options offered whilst in transit.

Convenient drop off locations across Europe

DPD is unrivalled in its service; with its high performance logistical network, the company has 500 depots and 32,000 local pickup shops in 40 countries throughout Europe.

Real time tracking

Track your shipments across DPD's vast delivery network in real time. The SendMyParcel.com portal allows you to see every event on your parcels journey, so you can stay up to date throughout.


DPD gives you the option to book your parcel collections from the MyParcel.com portal. Choose from a range of delivery services sent to a convenient location of your customers choosing, from as little as £3.50.

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