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Whether you only create labels for your own contracts or you use our discounted shipping rates. Pay up to 25% less via, and only pay for what you actually ship.

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  • Get up to 25% discount on all carrier rates!
  • The rate discount is based on your average shipping volume. So, having a slow month? No worries: your rates will stay the same.
  • You only pay postage costs for the shipments you send. There are no fees per label printed.
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Print labels from €0.02 p/label

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  • Always get 100 labels for free each month!
  • The price per label is based on your average shipping volume. So, having a slow month? No worries: label costs will stay the same.
  • You only pay a fee for the labels you print, plus postage costs.
  • €0.05 p/label

  • €0.04 p/label

  • On request

Our discounted rates are the best for every kind of service.

No matter if you're shipping a shirt or a saxophone to Lithuania or London, our bulk contracts will save you money. Our algorithms will help you pick the best service every time you ship.

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No setup costs

Creating an account is free. When using our discounted rates, there is no charge for printing labels. When you use your existing carrier contracts and ship over a hundred shipments per month, a small label fee is charged (from £0.02 per label, depending on volume)

Free ecommerce integrations

All of the tools offered by are free. Use any of our e-commerce integrations for Magento 2, Shopify or any one of the others or even create labels from any address on the web via our Chrome extension. If you need any help with support, just give us a call. And of course, you will not be charged.

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We believe we should offer you a product and service you love to use. If that's not the case anymore, we should be doing a better job and you are free to leave. Since you only pay as you go, you won't be billed if you don't use your account.

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You can use in conjunction with the software that you're currently using. We are happy to help you with migration and prevent double charging. We want to save you money, not create extra costs!

No demo account needed

You do not need a separate demo account and since there are no setup costs, you're more than welcome to take a look around and create a few labels. You will only be charged once they've been shipped.

Great rates to start with

We provide great rates for starters and when your sales increase, we also decrease your shipping rates. The rates can be adjusted accordingly every month, so you won't miss out on any discounts.

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